“Redd has so much inner life driving her throughout the play we hang on her every word. Often, it is what she doesn’t say that is the most interesting.”- HEDDA (GABLER), THEATER THAT MATTERS
“Valerie Redd’s Hedda is the perfect cipher, inscrutable and yet utterly compelling. It is hard to take your eyes off her.” - HEDDA (GABLER)- A WORK UNFINISHING
“She’s a fascination to watch. Valerie Redd is a dynamic Hedda.”- HEDDA (GABLER)- THEATER IN THE NOW
“Redd’s Hedda is less imperious and more grounded than some incarnations, while still suitably disdainful, and shows flashes of humanizing vulnerability.”- HEDDA (GABLER)- CULTURE CATCH
“The cast has the crucial timing needed for a fast paced comedy.”- THE WONDER- THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Redd is enthralled to sensual abandon... she is at once the mythical Daphne, and the Sleeping Beauty, in love with a solitary dreamworld..the laurels should be lavished and shared here by all involved in this courageous production.”- CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE'S CHLOROFORM DREAMS- THE HAPPIEST MEDIUM
“Set in 30’s noir, Redd is a gloriously wounded Daphne, the on-again off-again girlfriend on heroin.”- CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE'S CHLOROFORM DREAMS- BROADWAY WORLD
“Valerie Redd gives a fine romantic performance…They are Hero and Leander via Bogart and Bacall, with a nod to Kurt and Courtney.”- CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE'S CHLOROFORM DREAMS- NEW YORK THEATRE REVIEW
“When you have a company of actors who can not only sing, but sing in such stunning harmonies, you can’t help but fall…The music is bound to win you over and beg for a cast album to be recorded.”- SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE- THEATRE IN THE NOW
“The absolute standout was Valerie Redd…as Desdemona, Redd was the role, embodying the passion, fragility, and naiveté that would be her undoing.”- OTHELLO- BROADWAY WORLD
“Valerie Redd’s Titania is somewhere between the nymphs of classical art and the sirens of the 1950’s silver screen.”- A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM- THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE